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If you’re kidding yourself that life is fine, that your bucket list can wait until you’ve got that new job/the children are at school or university/you’ve won the lottery then read on. I’ve been there, waiting for the right idea or to know when it’s the right time. And I was quite happy with life, but I had this nagging feeling that there was something missing and I finally realised that I had to get out there to find out what it was. This shares what I’ve found out and am learning along the way.


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This site brings together inspiration and motivation from people who have done the things that you want to do.  I want to help you do those things too.

I dive into the doing with you: coaching but not in a white room! If you feel that life is messy, but you don’t know where to start  – start with you (I know that feels uncomfortable, but it’s the only way). Contact me for an introductory chat and we can find something that will work for you.

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