… living your life without hesitation

You’ve got something you’ve always wanted to do, but you haven’t got round to doing it yet. What I’ve learned from life is that doing is much better than dreaming.

If you take a step to doing whatever it is that you really want to do, it will feel better than sitting back and thinking about it and it doesn’t stop you from having more dreams.

Discovering a Chinese gate in Barcelona #doingnotdreaming

Here’s how I can help

I work with individuals who have a dream – a maximum of 2 at any one time – in a way that suits them (you). Typically this is over a 4 month period and involves 6-10 sessions. The structure of these are tailored to you – ranging from focused face to face through to  accountability check ins.

I run monthly “netwalking” events and also run ad-hoc workshops that combine some sort of activity with goal setting and action planning.

Click here to apply to apply for an introductory chat and my waiting list – we can walk, run, or talk over a coffee.