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29 October 2017: Disconnect to Reconnect: a day retreat to disconnect from a busy mind through yoga and reconnect to your body to make some plans and take action on the things you really want to do

Spring 2018: Run Your Story: a day retreat to enjoy running, explore how you can use it as meditation and how physical activity can help you review and re-create your story.

Spring 2018: Getting your dreams started: an international escape to give you the time to focus on new ideas and get started on making these real, in a kind, compassionate way to yourself.

Previous events

1 July  – Adventure Challenge: the joy of the new.

Adventure: an unusual and exciting or daring experience. Who can resist this? Who doesn’t want to welcome some more excitement in their life?

But if you look a bit further back, the origin of our word adventure stems from Latin – about to happen or to arrive. So for all of us, adventure really is just around the corner.

05 February 2017: Relax and Recharge – a 1 day mini retreat

After the retreat, you’ll feel ready to address the challenges for the week/month/year ahead. You’ll be able to identify your key priorities and be clear on the next steps to take; feel connected to your body and be able to listen to it better to help with stress management.

The day will be filled with yoga, pilates and coaching to help you come up with an action plan that suits you. The day will start with some relaxation, and we will work up to building energy through movement; keeping it mindful and being able to appreciate the strength we have in our bodies. We will provide hot drinks, lunch and snacks to keep you nourished and able to focus.

What attendees said:

“it made me realise that current issues, are small in the grand scale of life”

“the day was friendly, supportive and nourishing”

“all the sessions were good”