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Monthly “Netwalking” to connect with yourself, your business and other people. Get in touch for details

Walk2Run a weekly running group where you can learn to run in a supported group. Running outside regularly can help you to manage mental health issues. See more at RunningSpace

Previous events

 May Celebration: a morning of yoga, life-coaching and creativity at the beautiful White Rabbit studio in Sussex. Disconnect from your busy life to re-connect with your intentions to bring your hopes and dreams into action.


Adventure Challenge: the joy of the new.

Adventure: an unusual and exciting or daring experience. Who can resist this? Who doesn’t want to welcome some more excitement in their life? A 5-day challenge to kickstart some adventure in your life

Relax and Recharge – a 1 day mini retreat

After the retreat, you’ll feel ready to address the challenges for the week/month/year ahead. You’ll be able to identify your key priorities and be clear on the next steps to take; feel connected to your body and be able to listen to it better to help with stress management.