I’m Tanya, based in the UK, somewhere south of London.  I like to get on with life – whether that’s running marathons, travelling or trying new hobbies, but on occasions I find myself bemoaning a “day job” when I’d much rather be doing something else, but somehow couldn’t get round to doing it. Until now, when I decided that I needed to take action, ease myself through my discomfort zone and emerge being able to think big and really believe it.

And so here I am, Doing not Dreaming and meeting fabulous people doing amazing things, that maybe they thought were just ordinary, everyday things that everyday people got on with. Initially inspired from a coffee and catch up session with a friend who said innocently, well why don’t you do it?

And I want to help you do the same. If you’re always waiting for the right time; or find yourself saying you want to do something “one day” or are just generally feeling stuck and full of excuses – take a look at my coaching services and get in touch.

I’m a qualified Natural Scientist, Information Scientist and Coach. When I’m not doing this blog, I have half a day job, run a company consulting in space technology and am a massage therapist. In my other time, I run, yoga, craft and drink tea.

You can find me on Facebook or follow me @tanyaboardman on Twitter