I’m Tanya, based in the UK, somewhere south of London.  I like to get on with life – whether that’s running marathons, travelling or trying new hobbies. For a long time I found myself bemoaning a “day job” – looking out the window, wanting to be doing something bigger and better – until I decided that I needed to take action, ease myself through my discomfort zone and emerge being able to think big and really believe in it.

Now here I am, Doing not Dreaming, meeting fabulous people doing amazing things – people who had no idea they were going to do something amazing, but have found a way to do it and make it part of their lives.

A spontaneous hike up a mountain. What a view!

I work with clients because I want everyone to know its possible for them too.

Work with me to discover that it’s not so hard to do the things you’ve always dreamed about. You will create the right time, seize opportunities that you didn’t see before, discover the world you want and all the time enjoying the journey. Taking action makes you feel good and the magic of this is that it soon rubs off on the people around you.

I’m a qualified Natural Scientist, Information Scientist and Coach. When I’m not running “Doing not Dreaming”, I manage a company consulting in space technology and work as a massage therapist. At other times you can find me running, travelling, doing yoga and selling my own hand-crafted jewellery.

You can find me on Facebook or follow me @tanyaboardman on Twitter or @boardmantanya on Instagram