Adventure Challenge – finding the joy of the new

Adventure: an unusual and exciting or daring experience. Who can resist this? Who doesn’t want to welcome some more excitement in their life?

But if you look a bit further back, the origin of our word adventure stems from Latin – about to happen or to arrive. So for all of us, adventure really is just around the corner.

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Sometimes adventure seems a bit too far away, something that you mean to do, but don’t have the time or the energy to actually do. So how can we get more adventure in our lives?

The 30 day Adventure Challenge is a lighthearted way to help you push your boundaries, just a little bit, every day. It’s a challenge, but one that you can fit into as little as 10 minutes. There is no failure.

You will, like previous participants, begin to feel energised, excited and refreshed as you move through the challenge. You will generate a sense of achievement and re-ignite hidden creativity.

What is it?

Adventure doesn’t have to be big and complicated, so it’s a simple set up

  • twice weekly email with a theme and some ideas on how to bring adventure into your day
  • weekly themes for adventure
  • half hour discovery call to help you embed a sense of adventure

When is it?

This challenge is starting on 1 July to make the most of the summer vibes

How much does it cost?

Your investment is £35 including the discovery call.

How do you join?

Follow the link below to register your interest in the next Adventure Challenge – that’s all there is to it

Join the Adventure Challenge


What if I fall behind? This isn’t a problem. You will still receive a weekly email and you can pick up again whenever you can. Each is a stand alone challenge.

What if I need extra help? You can take advantage of the discovery call at any point in the challenge. You can also arrange a longer coaching session with me at a discounted rate so we can work together to discover your sense of adventure.

How do I sign up? Here. Or send me a message via the Doing not Dreaming Life Facebook page, or via the contact me page on this site.

Is there any more information? If you have any questions, get in touch with me. No questions too big or small.