Doing not Dreaming Membership

I like to think I can do everything myself, but sometimes I find myself running round in circles doing everything except the one (or two) things that I need to do to feel a bit more fulfilled in life. This could be at my work desk, in the garden or in relation to fitness. It could be a new hobby I want to take up, or even in a relationship.

If this is you, join the Doing not Dreaming membership to have someone

  • check in on how you’re doing
  • help you to figure out what you really want to do
  • get to the bottom of why you’re not doing it
  • celebrate your achievements with you

It’s always great to have a cheerleader, to know that someone is on your side – no matter how crazy your idea is, or how different it is to what you “normally do”. Friends and family want you to succeed, but they also (as we all do) fear change for you. With the Doing not Dreaming you will be challenged, but also celebrated for taking the steps towards something that perhaps you thought you could never do.

At a cost of £12 per month (that’s under £3 a week) you will get:

  • twice monthly tips, advice and mini-challenges
  • a monthly check in call
  • first sight and discounts for Doing not Dreaming events

How long have you been saying you’ll do that thing? Now is the time to take some action and build up momentum to start doing your dreams.

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