I could never…run the Northern Traverse

“I had heard of this event and had no interest in taking part. Until Dan and Claire mentioned it and then the seeds were sown.”  So said Dave Rowell as I chatted to him, Dan Milton and Claire Turton over curry and beers.

The Northern Traverse is a multi-day running event taking in the 190 miles from coast to coast across the north of England and this story really shows that it’s the taking part that counts.  You can push yourself (and your feet) to the limit and even if you can’t make it to the finish line, that’s not a reason to stop aiming for something bigger and better next time! You can set out to complete a race where to win doesn’t matter as much as starting it.

To me, it seems as if this attitude transposes from running into a can-do, but laid back approach to life for these three amazing people.

Dave Dan Claire
l-r Dave Rowell, Claire Turton, Dan Milton

Listen in to hear their story

It sounds cliched, but this story shows how one step at a time can result in extraordinary achievements: don’t panic, hold your head together and let those seeds of adventure be sown in your mind.

Information about the Northern Traverse can be found here 

Photos: Dan Milton

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