Fear and creativity

(Or, Sometimes things will go wrong, but it’s never the disaster you imagine it is)

This reflection has come about because I’ve been in the position where I’ve been trying new things and everything has been going swimmingly.  And then it all went wrong with two interviews (with the same person the amazing Jessica Quinones) not recording.  So what now?  My natural reaction was to just stop and be done with it.  But that doesn’t get us anywhere, so I’ve gone for the solo option.

One of the topics we talked about was fear and creativity and overcoming your own vulnerability – something I’ll be addressing in a few weeks myself.

Password: doingnotdreaming

And don’t worry.  I’m going to revisit my interview with Jessica in the New Year so hang on till then for things flutey, creative, musical and all wrapped up with some Cornish magic.

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