I’ll wait until…

At this time of year, it’s tempting to just stick it out and wait for the light to reappear. It’s fast approaching winter and the shorter days and rainy weather do make it difficult to feel energised. It feels easier to sit back and wait for longer days and brighter mornings. Actually, there’s an element of sense in that – our ancestors used this time of year to celebrate the previous year and to sow seeds for the forthcoming year. Now we might do this metaphorically, by seeking inspiration and giving ourselves time to mull over ideas. This gives us the opportunity to let them mature and develop so that we don’t write them off immediately for being “not me” or “too hard”. It also helps us to avoid rushing into some thing that doesn’t quite feel right, just for the sake of doing something.

That said, there’s still a few weeks of the year left, and this is enough time to get started, or even to finish some ideas that you may have had during the year. To make it easy for yourself don’t set yourself a wild goal – if it’s something big, then break it down so that it feels manageable. It can act as a stepping stone to help you really get going in the spring.

Or make it something small, one of those things that you keep telling yourself you’ll get around to doing and you don’t do it because you know you can do it anytime. How about now is the time?

I’m not saying we should ignore our instinct to go into semi-hibernation, nor to ignore the fact that if you get outside and expend some energy you will feel more energetic but let’s find a balance. Block out some regular time in your diary and keep it protected for you. Fill that time with your project – you can get enough done in twenty minutes.

And when it’s done, congratulate and celebrate yourself. Check in with how you feel and figure out how you’re going to decide what to do next. You could wait until next year/Spring/when the time feels right; but why not give yourself a head start your future self will thank you.

There’s nothing to lose in doing not dreaming. Find a way to get started – taking action is the only way to get your dreams done.

If you are stuck with getting started, get in touch to chat about how I can help.

Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels

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