I could never….camp in my garden

Something that I’d talked about everytime I returned from a camping trip. The conversation would go something like this:

“I really like camping, I wish I could do it more”

“You could always just camp in the garden”

“Yes! I’m definitely going to do that!”

Next season the conversation would repeat.

But this year, not even a week after the clocks changed and “summer” began, I woke up to the dawn chorus in a tent in my garden. Here’s how it happened.

As I write the UK is two weeks into a lockdown whereby we are all to stay in our houses with the exception of:

  • Buying food
  • Getting medicines or health care
  • Going to work (if it can’t be done at home)
  • Exercise, once a day

There’s not a lot of scope for those of us that like to explore the great outdoors and who might be tempted with some wild camping or even some glamping. But I stumbled across The Great Garden Camp Out – a growing group of people who were going to camp in their gardens, yards or even homes for a night.  I thought this was indeed a great idea, but also had that nagging feeling of how ridiculous it was. Camping is a social thing, a way to share the experience of time in nature over a hot chocolate and morning coffee brewed on a stove. Why on earth would I camp (on my own) in my garden when I had a comfortable and warm bed available?

In these topsy turvey times, the positivity of the group got the better of me. Varying levels of effort were being made across the country to re-create full on campsites, or simply to string a tarp and lay out a bivvy. Barbecues were lit and campfires were made. The growing ridiculousness of it all got the better of me and I pitched my tent.  I waited until nightfall and under a near-full moon and Venus shining brightly I settled in with pillow and duvet for what turned out to be a long and peaceful sleep under canvas.

I woke at dawn hearing first one bird, then a few more and then many more – the best natural alarm clock there is. I could then pop into the kitchen for a morning brew and as the sun was shining, I took my breakfast outside as well.

morning world!

I didn’t pitch my tent with a world-beating view, I was in an urban environment, but this small activity made me very happy. I was engaging with nature. I avoided news, social media and screens for many hours and now I’ve done it once, there’s a strong possibility I will do it again.

There’s nothing to lose in doing not dreaming. Find a way to get started – taking action is the only way to get your dreams done.

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