I could never… inspire people to run

I ran with the Saturday morning Walk2Run group from The Pelham, a community hub in Bexhill on Sea.

The run leader and inspiration behind the group is Jacqueline Haas and she tells her story in the audio below, recorded after the hill training session she took me on.

It’s a story of a non-runner to a long runner; from being inspired to being the inspiration and tackling the not-talked-about-enough-subject of suicide and mental health.

The messages I’ve taken from it are to thrive in your ambition and surround yourself with people that share it with you.  It shows how, by allowing yourself to be inspired and applying some persistence, you can create a positive change for you and for others.

I love this story because it’s not an overnight success story, but shows that by doing something that feels right in your whole body (in this case running) you will experience life’s twists and turns to the full.  It will be at times terrifying and exciting but the result is energising and satisfaction.

Jacky has a blog about her running experiences http://www.walk2run.org/ . If you’re in the East Sussex area, go run with her!