I could never…play the bass flute

I’ve played the flute since I was at school but it was only a couple of years ago that I discovered there was more to flute playing than the “normal” flute that most people are familiar with.  With a glorious mellow tone, there is the alto flute (bigger than a regular C flute) and a bass flute (even bigger than the alto flute).

Within my flute group I volunteered to play the bass flute for a piece.  How hard can it be for someone who is an experienced flautist?  Harder than it looks is the answer! After a couple of attempts, I consigned my bass flute playing to a nice cupboard  that I didn’t have to think about it and other people can do it.

However, it bugged me.  I wanted to do it, but for about a year I haven’t gone near it.  Something I thought I could never do.

On a flute retreat in beautiful Cornwall, I had an opportunity to sort this thing out once and for all.  In the penultimate session: ensemble playing here was my chance.

I’m hoping that this explains even if you think that someone is confident in what they’re doing, they may not feel the same.

Take a look at my video (password: doinglife) to see how I got on, and for some tips on doing something you thought you could never do.

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