I could never… sail the Antarctic in my own boat

This is a good one.  It sounds like an impossible expedition, but drilling down, it turns out to be an ordinary man taking on an extraordinary expedition.  This is the story of Tim Barker, an amateur, albeit experienced, sailor who was inspired to tackle what is probably the remotest seas in the world, which had an unexpected impact on his life.  The expedition took 4 years in the planning but was successfully achieved.

I spoke with Tim to hear his story and found out that once you start telling people what you plan to do, it becomes easier to go through with it than turn back and do nothing.  And a key motivation is being inspired; and in turn inspiring others.

I hope you enjoy his story and let me know what you think you could never do.

Use the password: doinglife

For more inspiration from Tim’s expedition you can read about it here https://mina2.com/cruise_journals/20112012-southern-cruise-to-antarctica/

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