I could never…start a technology company

Mike Lawton is the Founder and CEO of Oxford Space Systems, a UK company that develops deployable structures for spacecraft.

I spoke to Mike to find out about his journey to his current position and to hear his top tips for starting up and running a technology company. He’s learnt a lot through previously working for start-ups and more established companies and implemented this in his own businesses.

Listen to the audio to find out why everyone should work in a bar at some point in their life, how you need to take opportunities when they arise and why, sometimes, you have to hush your inner geek and focus on the customer.


So, follow your passion, have great ideas but if you want to make money from them, sometimes you have to let them out before they’re perfect.  But the good news is that it doesn’t end there – you can keep creating with the help of your customers.

Mike Lawton. CEO, Oxford Space Systems

You can find out more about Oxford Space Systems here http://www.oxfordspacesystems.com/

Picture credits: Oxford Space Systems

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