Be Inspired

We have just come to the end of an Olympic cycle with the closing ceremony from the Games in Rio.  For the last 3 weeks I have suspended my “no TV during the week” rule and been soaking up as much sporting activity as I can. I have been amazed, as usual, by the achievements of the athletes and can appreciate the hard work that has gone into being the best in each discipline, and this has inspired me to be the best I can be. I’ve been more aware than ever of a voice in my head saying “an Olympian wouldn’t slow down/stop/ not bother” for all sorts of things.

And this is my form of being inspired – one of the first steps to turning my dreams into my reality: forming ideas and letting myself dream.  It’s about finding people being the best that they can be on that day and knowing that if they can do it, so can I.

And what better example than the Olympics?  With Michael Phelps wining his 23rd gold medal in the pool contrasting with bronze medallist Edward Ling who had his return flight booked so that he could get back to his day job as a farmer and bring in the harvest.  Or perhaps there’s Usain Bolt who brings joy and fun to the track as well as fast times.  There were several examples of past Olympians having inspired current Olympians – of people daring to believe and being inspired by their heroes.

So go, find your inspiration and dare to dream and dream big.  Enjoy the process, but be prepared to work for it.  It might look easy, but as Michael Phelps said:

“My success is nothing out of the ordinary.  It’s goal setting, believing in myself and not giving up till I get there.”

Ordinary people. Extraordinary things.

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